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I Go...

So long.. fare thee well

The dancer and the dancing days have taken leave and fell
So turn down this bed of stone
Quench me with the deadly nightshade from the rose that you belong

The long December rain is falling now

Running down on streets to nowhere
Music is my life you're my sweetest nightingale

But I cant hear it here no more

And I go...
I go...

Hush now, don't shake or break

Words have fallen silent like soldiers to the grave

No matter what they do or say

Lay me on the sleepy meadow by the tracks upon your face

2 ulasan:

mati2 aku ingat ko punya hasil karya beb! smpi la aku tingat ko penah mention by phone yg mengatakan ko nak share pasal lagu aizat tu :)


ekekekkek.. aku suka sgt dgn maksud lirik tu..


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